May 17, 2019

According to a Police report, the Cannabis extraction has caused fires at two Edmonton houses last month. The fires were caused by Cannabis extraction labs. Police are asking inhabitants to be careful about the illegal activities in their neighbourhood, after taking down these two operations. Sgt. Guy Pilon with the Edmonton Police Service’s Clan Lab […]

Image copyright PA Events beyond the SW1 post code will be driving politics this week, with many MPs hitting the campaign trail rather than lingering in Parliament. Will the results (which are not revealed until Sunday) be a political game-changer, creating some kind of momentum for some kind of Brexit progress? Or will they simply […]

NESHANIC STATION, N.J., May 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — This year marks the final Washington, D.C. demonstration in support of POW/MIA and Veterans’ Issues.  The organization will continue to bring awareness to the public, in years to come, with regional demonstrations.  Speakers for this year include Robert Wilkie, Secretary of Veterans Affairs; Gary Wetzel, Medal of Honor recipient; […]

Will smoking a joint give you the encouragement you need to hit the gym? A new study, published in Frontiers in Public Health suggests that a surprisingly high percentage of people who use cannabis also use it at the gym, and those people report better performance while working out. Cannabis users who used before or […]

Since February, patients in Illinois have been able to ditch their opioid prescriptions for marijuana. A new program is designed to let patients who might not qualify for the state’s regular medical marijuana program exchange an opioid prescription, like Oxycontin, for weed. “We have almost 900 patients enrolled in the program now,” said Conny Mueller-Moody, […]

Funded by a US Department of Justice grant, the WSU team looked at 12 years of crime clearance rates from Colorado and Washington and compared them to the US average, as well as to other states singularly. The study reported: “Our results suggest that, just as marijuana legalization proponents argued, the legalization of marijuana influenced […]

Let’s stop kidding ourselves: Americans are using cannabis, and many of them are veterans. According to the American Legion, more than 1 in 5 veterans currently use cannabis. A vast majority of veteran households (93%) support medical cannabis research, and a large majority want the government to offer it as federally legal medical treatment. I […]

A New Research Report, Titled On “Cannabis Oil Market by Type (Organic Cannabis Oil and Non-Organic Cannabis Oil) and by Application (Recreational and Medical): Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2018–2025” To Its Research Database, which provides an expert and in-depth analysis of key business trends and future Cannabis Oil Market development prospects, key […]