Weed Week: Will Australia fear to tread where NZ steps with cannabis legalisation?

The New Zealand government has drawn the outline of the kind of recreational marijuana use it wants to see, including an age limit of 20 and regulation on how potent legal cannabis products will be allowed to be.

Interestingly, it includes a focus on making cannabis a health issue by noting that an increase in investment in health and social services will be required from any tax placed on pot products.

In Australia, constitutionally, adult use or recreational cannabis is a state — not a federal — prerogative, so it could be a state that moves first on this issue.

If the rest of the world follows Denver’s lead, magic mushrooms might follow where cannabis has pioneered — medically (and possibly recreationally) decriminalised. Australia is even running a clinical trial on the medical effects of the active ingredient psilocybin.

An enterprising West Australian has reportedly found

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