Revolutionizing Breakthrough for those suffering from chronic pain: a clinical research with medical cannabis sublingual tablets is currently on its way

Panaxia in collaboration with Rafa, the Israeli Pharmaceutical company, has begun a clinical trial for registration at the Ministry of Health, intended to make medical cannabis accessible to a wide range of patients asking to receive the treatment in a conventional pharmaceutical way other than smoking, in order to ensure an accurate and consistent treatment dosage.

LOD, Israel, April 23, 2019 /CNW/ — The pharmaceutical company Panaxia Israel Pharmaceutical Industries, announced a clinical trial for registration purposes at the Ministry of Health, a first of its kind process, for delivering sublingual tablets of medical cannabis to examine their bioavailability and safe consumption. Panaxia’s medical cannabis products, distributed by the pharmaceutical company Rafa, are being tested as part of a clinical trial, and their registration following the trial will revolutionize medical cannabis treatment. The greatest potential in tablets which are taken sublingually, is mainly for patients suffering from chronic/persistent

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