Medical cannabis: ‘I break the law for my epileptic son’

Media captionCannabis oil: ‘Why I break the law for my son’

Scared her son could die from violent seizures, a mother began breaking the law in an attempt to protect him.

After seeing severe epilepsy stop his breathing and leave him unresponsive, Sophie said any parent would “take the risk” and turn to cannabis oil.

She is one of a “silent majority” buying the drug online and said it had stopped his up to four seizures a day.

A consultant who prescribes it in Wales called demand a “phenomenon” but warned many were ignoring the serious risks.

“There is the risk of actually being caught purchasing the product, because it’s illegal,” said Sophie, which is not her real name because she fears prosecution.

“The desperation you feel as a parent to protect your child is

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