Cannabis Study of Expecting Mothers Causes Social Media Controversy

Little boy playing with pot plant


Seattle, Washington —A new study taking place at the University of Washington School of Medicine entitled, Moms + Marijuana seeks area participants to examine the effects of “prenatal marijuana use on infant development.” The study aims to determine whether or not using cannabis to alleviate morning sickness is damaging to babies. The Twitterverse cannot help debate the study’s moral and scientific potentialities.

The utter crassness of comparing such participants to the victims of the Tuskegee syphilis experiments aside, Twitter users immediately began projecting their polarizing thoughts on the matter.

An incredulous Twitter user was up in arms about the possibility of pregnant women being asked to use cannabis, while another user subtly pointed out that the study was seeking pregnant participants who use cannabis, not to use cannabis.

Another user suggested that if some pregnant

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