BioTechnology Stocks | There’s A Good Reason Investors Love These Shares

Biotechnology StocksBiotechnology Stocks

Biotechnology stocks offer investors the potential to profit from the next generation of treatments. And because treatments are vast—covering everything from serious illness to cosmetic enhancements, investors are afforded a lot of choices.

Because of this potential, this sector is one of the hottest industries for investors to target. But, of course, the majority of treatments entering clinical trials end up being shot down by regulators and never get passed the laboratory Petrie dish. In fact, some 90% of new drug ventures never see the light of day and so the industry is not only costly, shares within it are volatile.

However, investors remain enraptured by the 10% that do “make it”. Because when a company finally screams “Eureka!” on a new drug; that can mean the

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