FOX43 Focal Point: Cannabis in the Commonwealth – Should Pennsylvania fully legalize marijuana?

NEW BLOOMFIELD, Perry County – On a rainy, Monday night in March, hundreds of Perry County residents pack into an overstuffed VFW assembly hall to share their thoughts if Pennsylvania should legalize pot.

Each person waits in a line that wraps around the room; those in the back of the line waiting 90 minutes to share their thoughts.

No! We don’t want to legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania and increase our state crime, traffic fatalities, and public health issues,” exclaims one woman.

Another man focuses on decriminalizing the drug says, “It’s a victimless crime. We, the taxpayers, shouldn’t have to pay for their incarceration.”

I’m sorry but the government has no right to tell me what I can do with myself,” a younger man said. 

Dozens share their thoughts, while sitting at the front of the room, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman listens, saying little and expressing less. Perry County is the 24th stop of his 67-county

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