Where does the Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals share price go from here?

At the start of April, the Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX: PAR) share price reached $2.02. Much of Paradigm’s share price increase was in anticipation of secondary end point results for its phase 2b osteoarthritis trials.

The recent trial report showed extremely positive results.

Most importantly, it was found that Paradigm’s repurposed drug showed a stark difference between itself and the placebo. The results were verified using an MRI scan which measured the lesion caused by bone marrow edema.

At day 53 of treatment, Paradigm’s repurposed drug showed a reduced bone marrow lesion volume of 34% vs the placebos 3.6%. Furthermore, the bone marrow lesion area increased in the placebo group by 11.9% compared to a 25.3% decrease in the treatment group.

The objective results obtained were also statistically significant with a p-value of 0.03, meaning that it’s highly likely that Paradigm’s repurposed drug is causing the improvement of bone marrow lesions.

Why did the

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