Cannabis Stocks: The Massive Gap Between Fact And Fantasy

Perhaps the single biggest driver of the global cannabis industry has been the vast amount of risk capital raised by investors of Canadian-based companies, which, in turn, has been due to political leadership in Canada, and specifically by its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

A small but long-popular stock exchange in Canada, the Canadian Stock Exchange, is now even referred to as the Cannabis Stock Exchange because at recent count there were 146 cannabis-related companies listed there. As well, the Toronto Stock Exchange, including its Toronto Venture board, has numerous listings. Many of these companies are dually listed on the NYSE, Nasdaq and OTC markets in the U.S. and Germany, and those exchanges also have other listed cannabis companies.

Combined, I follow over 300 listings in the cannabis space. I also have been non-executive chairman of one aspiring company that is in the process of being sold.

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