Medical cannabis products: The passion of CanaQuest and partners

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Discover CanaQuest’s strong commitment to research that enables it to develop safer medical cannabis products and formulations.

With 40+ countries around the world now having legalised the use of cannabis for medical purposes to some degree, news headlines are dominated by the potential size of the global market, along with the medical cannabis products that will come with it and the massive valuations of some of the nascent industry’s leaders. Less in the public view is the growing amount of medical research on cannabis that legalisation has unleashed around the world.

This development not only promises better alternative treatments to traditional pharmaceuticals for people struggling with a variety of health challenges, it’s also delivering a critical mass of clinical evidence as to the efficacy of medical cannabis to refute the political, scientific and other sceptics whose minds have been hardened by decades of anti-cannabis propaganda.

While Israel has long been recognised

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