Marijuana Effects That Promote A Healthier Lifestyle

A published scientific study claims using weed before workout either “increases motivation” to exercise or “enhances recovery from exercise.”

Researchers at the University of Colorado interviewed more than 600 marijuana consumers in states where weed is legal to assess how people use cannabis in relation to exercise. The results of the study showed that almost 500 of the participants used marijuana one hour before or up to four hours after exercising.

Those that did use cannabis in this timeframe worked out longer than consumers who didn’t use cannabis alongside the rigorous activities, according to the study published this month in the Frontiers in Public Health, which is a multidisciplinary open-access journal that publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research.

The study revealed that weed users worked out an average of 43 minutes longer for aerobic exercises and 30 minutes longer for anaerobic exercises.

Of the respondents, 70 percent agree or strongly agree with the

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