CB1 Capital Management CIO Todd Harrison on Hemp as Global Investment Opportunity

CB1 Capital Management CIO Todd Harrison discusses the issues facing US MSOs and the rise of hemp as an investment opportunity. He warns that California, Washington, and Oregon are serving as a cautionary tale at the state level, in terms of the strength of the illicit market in those states. Harrison believes with time and greater enforcement, the illicit market in those states will evaporate. He asserts that hemp is going to be ubiquitous and believes that the cannabis wellness market will experience a bifurcation between products marked as containing CBD, which make specific health claims, and products marked as “full spectrum hemp oil.” Harrison comments that hemp is an alternative for many everyday products and is an unexplored global investment opportunity that simply requires reclassification at the international level to take hold. Harrison stresses the importance of banking reform for MSOs and shares his thoughts on Cresco Labs Inc’s

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