Tourists Find New and Destination-Worthy Attractions in Cannabis

NEW YORK, April 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Tourism has long been a major driver for growth for various countries as many tourists travel abroad for vacations to see dazzling landscapes and bustling city-life. In turn, tourism also drives in revenue for many businesses such as food, retail, and hospitality. However, now, tourism is also helping to bolster the cannabis industry as well. For instance, countries such as Canada, the Netherlands, and Spain are seeing a large influx of travelers since they have decriminalized cannabis. Some U.S. states are also seeing an increase in sojourners despite the country having yet to legalize cannabis on a federal level. In particular, Colorado, which saw 82.4 million travelers in 2016, is among the few states to have legalized cannabis entirely. Additionally, a survey conducted by Colorado Tourism reported that 12 million, or approximately 15%, of those travelers participated

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