South Dakota AG’s statements on hemp, CBD oil cause confusio…

The March 25 press release was “so detrimental to so many businesses,” Leonard Vandermate of the Hemporium said.

He said customers have been calling him, including an older woman inquiring whether she would be in trouble for buying a purse made of hemp.

The release, titled “Attorney General Ravnsborg clarifies questions regarding industrial hemp and CBD (cannabidol) oil,” “made more confusion than clarification,” Vandermate said. He said while Ravnsborg shared his opinion, he didn’t share enough of his legal analysis and which laws he is relying upon.

The press release says anyone with further questions should reach out to Ravnsborg’s office, local law enforcement or the local prosecutor.

Following that, Vandermate called the attorney general’s office and spoke with Bridget Mayer, the assistant attorney general, who told him what laws Ravnsborg based his decision upon and suggested he reach out to his local state’s attorney’s office with any more questions.

He then called

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