New Study Says Teens Are Less Impacted by Short-Term Side Effects of Cannabis, and That’s a Huge Problem

Teens may have a higher natural tolerance for cannabis than adults, which might make them more at risk to develop problematic use patterns, according to a new study.

Researchers from the University College of London (UCL) have found that teens aged 16 to 17 felt fewer of the negative effects of cannabis consumption than adults aged 24 to 28. Older cannabis consumers are likelier to be less alert and to experience side effects like anxiety and memory impairment after smoking marijuana than younger folks who used the drug.

“We were very surprised,” Val Curran—the study’s lead researcher and a UCL professor of psychology—told The Telegraph. “You would have thought the adolescent brain, because of the stage it is at in its development, would have been more vulnerable, but it’s less.”

While it isn’t clear right now why teens are less immediately affected by cannabis consumption, Curran suggested it could have to do

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