Georgia Poised to Expand Medicinal Cannabis Laws

Gov. Brian Kemp is poised to expand Georgia’s medicinal marijuana industry by signing HB 324 into law this week.

The state legalized the use of cannabis oil with low THC content back in 2015, but a loophole prevented cultivation and distribution. This has made medicinal cannabis difficult to source in Georgia, but HB 324 will close these loopholes and usher in a new era of small in-state growers and licensed marijuana retailers.

The bill was sent to the governor on Friday and he is expected to sign it into law at the Capitol on Wednesday, Apr. 17. He has well documented reservations about it, but he knows there is a lot of legislative support for a law change.

It will be welcomed by campaigners like Shannon Cloud, whose 13-year-old daughter suffers from Davet Syndrome and needs cannabis oil to treat it. Parents like Cloud are currently forced to travel

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