This is What We Know About Cannabis and Lung Health

Physicians know that cannabis research hasn’t shown a connection between smoking marijuana and lung cancer, but some still believe there is reason to be concerned about it.

It’s no secret that smoking cigarettes has detrimental effects for the health of your lungs. However, the research on smoking cannabis seems to show a much different picture. Marijuana consumers do not appear to be at an elevated risk for lung cancer, but that doesn’t mean joints are okay for your lungs.

A review conducted by Colorado scientists in 2016 found an association between daily or near-daily cannabis smoking and chronic bronchitis. And while coming down with a case of bronchitis every now and then isn’t nearly as concerning as developing something like lung cancer, these findings show that smoking marijuana comes with health risks.

“There are respiratory effects to using smoked marijuana for long periods of time,” Dr. Russell Bowler – Director of the COPD

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