Maui Grown Therapies to Host Annual Medical Cannabis Symposium

Chief science officer for Maui Grown Therapies Dr. Andrew Weil will be the featured speaker for the third annual Maui Medical Cannabis Symposium. The symposium, sponsored by Certicann, will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 18 in the McCoy Studio Theater at the Maui Arts Cultural Center. Admission will be free but attendees are required to have confirmed reservations for entry.

Michael Backes, researcher and author of Cannabis Pharmacy, and Maui Grown Therapies’ chief medical officer Greg Yim will speak alongside Weil. Backes will update attendees on the latest research findings about medical cannabis, THC, and CBD, while Dr. Yim will serve as the evening’s host and curate audience questions.

“Botanical remedies can play an important role in an integrative healthcare program that emphasizes good nutrition, a healthful lifestyle, spirituality and mind-body interventions,” Weil said. “When used properly, cannabis is a safe and effective plant remedy that

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