‘Marijuana is the new Oxycontin’: Should we be concerned with how docs are learning about pot?

At the Family Medical Forum in 2017 — the largest family medicine conference in Canada — Dr. Sarah Giles was angry.

The family physician was upset for a few reasons, including that drug reps were lining the pathway to the food area (meaning docs were forced to walk through sales booths to eat), and lunchtime talks sponsored by pharma companies were not clearly labelled as such.

But what really stuck out to Giles was how many cannabis companies had set up shop in the event’s exhibitor hall.

“[Cannabis companies] are coming to these conferences in large numbers,” Giles, who is on the board of Canadian Doctors for Medicare, said. “In 2017, I think there were around 12 different [cannabis] booths, and they were telling the doctors: ‘Oh, use it for this, use it for that,’ but none of it was evidence-based.”

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