University of Colorado study on marijuana and driving pays applicants to smoke their own stash

The University of Colorado’s School of Public Health is conducting a study designed to learn more about driving performance under the influence of cannabis. The best part: participants are paid a stipend to use marijuana and play a hand-eye coordination game on an iPad.

Alright, there’s a bit more to it than that. Assistant Professor at the School of Public Health Ashley Brooks-Russell and Associate Clinical Professor and Medical Toxicologist Michael Kosnett are co-directing a study to understand how marijuana affects people who use it.

“The goal is to better understand impaired driving so that we can prevent impaired driving,” Brooks-Russell told The Denver ABC 7 Channel news.

“We know that certain drugs really deteriorate people’s performance behind the wheel. Alcohol is a classic example for that,” Kosnett said. “Our understanding of how cannabis affects driving is less well developed.”

Habitual, occasional, and infrequent users of marijuana that are licensed to

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