How Taking CBN Oil Before Bed For A Month Affected My Sleep

There are two categories of things I find myself extremely eager to try these days: Products that claim to improve my quality of sleep, and products made with cannabinoids. Once the farm bill legalized the industrial production of hemp in the U.S. in late 2018, my desk was suddenly covered in all sorts of the latter. While I’m still happily sorting through piles of CBD gummies and skin care products, CBN oils for sleep are far less ubiquitous — and therefore, I find, more intriguing.

Just like CBD (cannabidiol), CBN (cannabinol) is a non-psychoactive, cannabis-derived compound that researchers believe interacts well with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino, DO, a Parsley Health Los Angeles physician who lists “clinical cannabinoid medicine” as an interest in her practice, previously told Bustle that CBN is

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