This Cancer Researcher Is Devoted to Her Medical Dispensary Patients

Chanda L. Macias earned her MBA in supply chain management and a PhD on cancer research. While researching her thesis she found many references to the medicinal value of cannabis, but was frustrated the plant was off limits for legitimate research. Now, as  founder and CEO of National Holistic Healing Center in Washington, DC, and CEO of Women Grow, she applies all of her education and experience to aiding patients with medical marijuana.

Macias, who has mentored more than 1,500 students at Howard University on careers in STEM, discusses the many obstacles she has overcome on her path to success. 

What brought you into the cannabis industry?

My dissertation focused on cancer research. During my investigations, the cannabis plant was a recurring theme for an alternative form of treatment. I investigated the medicinal benefits of the plant, but since it was and still is a Schedule

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