How To Get High On St. Patrick’s Day

A four-leaf clover adorns a cup of coffee, in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day.Sara Brittany Somerset

Saint Patrick’s Day is finally here! The theme of Saint Patrick’s Day is the color green and nothing is more green than cannabis. Below is a handy guide to getting high with culturally infused edibles and homage strains.

Throw on an episode of Baked by Birdie, grab a Levo and get ready to bake and be baked. Levo is a sleek, little kitchen aid that is a decarboxylator and oil infuser in one that takes all the fun of pouring preserves and labeling mason jars with grandma, into the 21st century. Forget about the cheese-cloth, the strainer, and all the messy “bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.”

Follow the simple instructions for infusing oil or butter at the touch of a button.

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