Anti-Marijuana GOP Congressman Blasts DEA Over Testing for Impairment

A Republican congressman who otherwise opposes cannabis legalization argued that its current designation as a Schedule I substance is hindering research capabilities and called attention to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) lack of action on the matter. He made these remarks during a House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on March 14, 2019.

Rep. Buddy Carter of Georgia used his time at the hearing to ask witnesses about drugged driving and what technology currently exists to detect active impairment from substances such as marijuana. Witnesses replied that existing technology can detect the presence of cannabis in one’s system but, so far, devices can’t measure active impairment as it can for alcohol.

The congressman said there was a need for a “universal solution” to the problem and said, “In full disclosure, I am absolutely, adamantly opposed to the recreational use of marijuana.”

“Currently, I’m the only pharmacist serving in Congress, and I will tell you,

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