Marijuana Reform Not Associated With Significant Upticks In Youth Use Per Study

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State laws liberalizing marijuana’s criminal status are not associated over the long-term with any significant uptick in youth use, according to data published in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

A team of researchers from Boston College assessed marijuana use data in a cohort of 860,000 adolescents from 45 states over a period of 16 years (1999 to 2015).

They reported that states which enacted medical cannabis access laws experienced overall reductions in teen use compared to non-legal states, and that this decrease grew stronger over time. “We found that for every group of 100 adolescents, one fewer will be a current user of marijuana following the enactment of medical marijuana laws,” the study’s lead researcher said in a press release.

Investigators also reported that state laws decriminalizing marijuana penalties for recreational use did not

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