Findings About Children’s Solid Tumors Are Sparking New Therapies

Compared with solid tumors in adults — about which scientists are learning more and more — those that occur in children are mysteries. Not only are pediatric tumors rare, but they arise in developing tissues, making them difficult to study and treat.

That’s where the Childhood Solid Tumor Network (CSTN), run by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, comes in.

In recent years, St. Jude has conducted voluminous research into pediatric solid tumors, including genome sequencing and screenings on cells and preclinical models to determine which drugs work against these kinds of cancers.

Through the CSTN, the institution is sharing its findings with other investigators in an effort to help advance science. At no cost, the network offers resources, unpublished data, samples and models to scientists anywhere who work in labs or with patients.

While pediatric cancer is about 83 percent curable across

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