Daily Research News Online no. 27715 – Nielsen Brings Cannabis Measure to Canada

Nielsen Brings Cannabis Measure to Canada

Nielsen and cannabis industry analytics provider Headset have extended their recently announced partnership to the Canadian market, through an alliance with management consultancy Deloitte.

Nielsen and Headset announced their partnership in the US last week, combining the former’s consumer research capabilities with the latter’s real-time retail POS data for legal cannabis products in legal/recreational use states. With Canada becoming the first G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis, Nielsen says an entirely new industry has opened up, and through the new partnership, the trio will provide market insights to understand federally regulated cannabis consumption and sales across the country.

The alliance brings together data and insights to provide real-time market intelligence for the cannabis industry, allowing clients to monitor the competitive landscape, identify opportunities and predict industry trends. In addition, clients will be able to explore pricing, category, segment, shopper insights and brand trends to uncover

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