CB2 Insights (CNSX:CBII) Begins Trading on the CSE

CB2 Insights (CNSX:CBII) is a predictive analytics, software, and services company operating in the medical cannabis space. CEO Prad Sekar is excited about the company’s launch on the CSE and believes it is another step in achieving the company’s mission of mainstreaming medical cannabis. Sekar sees cannabis becoming a hallmark medication. The company’s technology allows point-of-care data gathering, which will provide the next level of validation for medical cannabis. CB2 Insights operates in 12 states and has 60,000 patient interactions per year. CB2 Insights  completed a $5 million non-brokered private placement prior to going public to continue its execution plan and for further acquisitions and consolidation.


Narrator: CBII Insights is a data company focused on medical cannabis. The company uses a software and services to better identify the efficacy of cannabinoid therapy and increase the use of mainstream cannabis in traditional health care.

CBII Insights manages several sub-brands throughout

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