Going green with cannabis on St. Patrick’s Day? Here’s how you can avoid a weed hangover

On Feb. 2019, TGO published a story on how a Canadian supplement company was aiming to mitigate marijuana’s negative effects, including hangovers. The topic of whether or not marijuana causes hangovers led to a spirited debate.



“Some users have reported that they have never experienced a cannabis hangover. So, there is a gamut of individual experiences based on anecdotal evidence,” says Thomas Folan, MD, CEO and founder of SolaceMD, an online medical cannabis information, recommendation and consultation platform. “As with so many other areas of cannabis research, more well-performed trials are needed to fully understand what is going on,” Folan notes.

The symptoms of a weed hangover range from headache, nausea, brain fog, dehydration, lethargy to dry eyes. Overconsumption, like it is with alcohol, is the key.

Bethany Rae, founder of Flower Freedom, a community exploring cannabis use for fitness, admits

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