Colorado marijuana and driving study: Volunteers get paid to get high

DENVER — Every day he gets behind the wheel, Tyler Prock has been using cannabis.

“Well, I’ve used it almost every day for the past seven years,” said Prock, who said he would never drive while impaired. “I feel like I’m a safe driver. I had one ticket in the past ten years ago and I’ve never had an accident.”

A medical marijuana patient, Prock said Colorado’s THC limits aren’t fair and don’t work to keep our roads safe, especially with people like him who have built up a tolerance.

“It’s not fair for the medicinal patients. Because cannabis stays in your system for about 30 days and if you use marijuana every day, the amount in your body is going to compound,” he said. “You might not have used cannabis that day, but there is still cannabis in your system, so that could cause you to be positive on a test where

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