Case Report Highlights SUDEP Risk With Cannabis Monotherapy for Epilepsy

A case study of 2 patients with epilepsy who switched from standard-of-care treatment to cannabis therapy reports a relationship between the use of cannabinoids and mortality, specifically suggesting that the risk for death may be higher for patients who only rely on cannabis to manage their seizures. The case report was recently published in Epilepsy Behavior Case Reports.

Medical records were reviewed to collect the case report data of 2 patients who died during self-determined therapy with cannabis (SDTC) for seizure prevention. The first patient had generalized epilepsy and moved from zonisamide to self-determined therapy with cannabis.

After a clinic visit, the patient was found deceased in his vehicle, with no evidence of foul play. Genetic tests demonstrated heterozygous changes in CACNA1B, CACNA1H, and CACNA2D2. The patient was believed to have probable sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. At time of death, the patient was using a tincture composed of 2:1

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