The Facts About Driving After Marijuana Use

As the national debate on marijuana legalization continues, we asked Dr. Yifrah Kaminer, a professor of psychiatry and pediatrics in the Department of Psychiatry and Alcohol Research Center at UConn Health, to share his assessment of the impacts of marijuana use – particularly related to driving.

Q. How does marijuana use affect a person’s cognitive abilities?

A. Marijuana use causes impairments in attention, concentration, decision making, impulsivity, and working memory. In daily users, this impairment may last for up to four weeks after cessation of use. It was reported that adolescent-onset long-term use of at least four days per week predicts an eight point decline in IQ on average. This finding was not reversible with a year of abstinence. Frequency of marijuana use predicts decreased executive functioning and learning, especially for adolescents who initiate use by age 14.

Q. Are the effects from marijuana use similar to those from drinking alcohol?

A. Similarly

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