NHL Alumni Group Joins Study to Test Cannabis as Brain Trauma Treatment

The NHL Alumni Association, NEEKA Health Canada and Canopy Growth Corp. in early March 2019 announced a clinical research partnership to investigate the efficacy of cannabinoids as part of a novel treatment for post-concussion neurological diseases in former NHL players.

The double-blind study will include 100 former players from all different eras of the game — including those who played with and without helmets – to attempt to determine the medicinal value of marijuana among those dealing with impairments from past concussions, including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and progressive dementia.

The hope is that the results of the study will lead to new cannabinoid-based therapies that help athletes, along with adults who suffer from the aftermath of brain injuries from accidents and other activities.

The study is expected to begin in summer 2019 and take one year to complete.

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