Medlab CEO presents clinical NanaBis™ update to medical practitioners

Medlab Clinical Ltd’s (ASX:MDC) CEO Dr Sean Hall last night, presented a clinical NanaBis™ update to medical practitioners as part of on-going medical education.

He explained several key aspects of NanaBis™, which is a highly purified proprietary blend of cannabis molecules cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

A summary was provided of five case studies from five different doctors that were treated with NanaBis™ in Australia under the government-approved Special Access Scheme (SAS).

Notably, the data shows significant improvements in quality of life inclusive of sleep and movement with reduced pain/restriction, reduction/replacement of previously prescribed medication (in particular opioids, reduction in pain severity scores, and reduction of symptoms.

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Medlab noted that it is extremely pleased with the pooled data collected to date as well as the ongoing regulatory pathway for an approved drug.

NanaBis™ wins head-to-head with approved cannabis

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