Liquid Gold: Engineers Strike Oil Making Customized Extractors for Cannabis

The weed industry is experiencing a cultural shift, from a “wild west” atmosphere to a legal and highly regulated field, creating opportunities for trained chemists and engineers to develop customized equipment and ensure safe procedures as small operations scale up.

Cannabis use is on the rise, even as smoking pot is becoming passé. The percentage of cannabis users who partake by smoking is dropping off, as concentrated inhalation products, such as vapes or dabs, become more popular. Plenty of people, it seems, seek marijuana’s effects but prefer not to smell like a Grateful Dead concert. Concentrated cannabis oil products deliver higher amounts of cannabinoids in smaller, more discreet packages.

Crafting these new products requires an expertise in chemical extraction and purification of cannabis oil. Cannabis cultivators know their stuff when it comes to growing different varieties, and how the physiological effects differ among strains. Yet they still may feel intimidated by extraction,

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