Canada’s dried cannabis supply builds as adult-use sales decline

The volume of dried adult-use cannabis sold in the regulated Canadian market fell in January while inventories continued to build, according to the latest data from Health Canada.

In January, 5,330 kilograms of dried cannabis was sold through regulated channels across the country, down 4.5% from December 2018.

Inventories of “finished” dried cannabis held by federal license holders, wholesalers and retailers rose 4.5% to 19,500 kilograms. Health Canada defines finished inventory as cannabis held in stock that is ready for sale.

That means inventory of dried cannabis that’s ready for sale outpaced sales by a ratio of about 4:1 – a figure that contradicts the claim by most provincial regulators that the regulated market has a shortage of cannabis.

Industry experts say, however, that the shortage seen in the regulated market is not necessarily reflective of

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