Pot for pets: Here’s how vets and others say it can help


An increasing number of pet owners are using cannabis-based products to treat their dogs’ ailments.
Kathleen Gray, Detroit Free Press Lansing Bureau

Last summer, Brad Stottelmyer called his 11-year-old dog Misty “Four Paws Walking,” a gallows tribute to the nickname that death-row inmates are given as they await their execution.

The 77-pound chocolate Labrador retriever, whose dark brown coat is flecked with gray, was hobbled last spring by bone cancer in her right front leg. The pain meds prescribed by Stottelmyer’s veterinarian weren’t providing much relief for Misty as the pooch limped around their Dearborn Heights home and yard, tucking her paw underneath her leg and resting her snout on the stricken limb.

So Stottlemyer began to plan for a pet owner’s worst nightmare, putting down his constant companion. But as a medical marijuana cardholder, who uses weed and cannabidiol

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