Legal Cannabis has created over 200000 jobs in the US

Chaos is the ‘word’ that is not fizzling out of the minds of companies (and drivers) that are transporting legal hemp from one state to another via highways.

Although the federal law has declared hemp legal through its 2018 US Farm Bill, tensed situations are arising in conservative states like Idaho, where hemp is still illegal under the state laws. Drivers transporting legal hemp from various states to Idaho, for instance, are being arrested and their shipments being confiscated because of the mismatch between the federal and state laws.

The extent of the situation can be better understood with the help of the following example- on January 24, the Idaho state police took no time in seizing a shipment containing around 6,700 pounds of hemp, coming in from Colorado from an Oregon company. However, the shipper, named Big Sky Scientific, sued the police to get the hemp back for its client, though

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