Man Who Ate Marijuana Lollipop Had Heart Attack Caused by ‘Fearful Hallucinations’

A man ate a lollipop and suffered a heart attack triggered by frightening hallucinations, physicians have revealed. 

The unnamed man, 70, was taking medicines for coronary artery diseaseand his condition was stable. He suffered a heart attack after he ate around 70mg of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. A friend had suggested it could help  him sleep and ease pain for osteoarthritis. To put the does into perspective, the average joint contains around 7mg. Doses of dronabinol, a drug designed to ease nausea and poor appetite in Aids and cancer patients, start from around 2.5mg. According to the case study published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, the man was not aware that the effects of cannabis take a while to kick in if the drug is eaten, and can last longer.

As a young man, the patient had smoked cannabis. However, since then the average THC content of marijuana

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