Officials say vaping an epidemic in Brevard schools

TITUSVILLE — Cpl. Kirk Geweniger leads a rambunctious yellow Labrador retriever through the lunchroom at Astronaut High School.

“Find it,” he commands, and 3-year-old Sonic gets to work inspecting each student, under the guise of a playful pup looking for some attention. As students buy lunch and chat with their friends, the dog sniffs their pants pockets, purses, backpacks and gym bags.

What Sonic is looking for are vape pens and Juuls, the most popular contraband in high schools around the country these days.

As Sonic noses his way around the cafeteria, Geweniger watches the kids. Most fawn over the dog, asking permission to pet him. Others keep their eyes locked on Sonic. A few mutter expletives under their breath and make a hasty retreat from the cafeteria.

Geweniger says those are the kids he suspects. And with good reason.

A device meant to help adults quit smoking cigarettes has exploded into

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