Study: More Pregnant Women Are Using Cannabis for Nausea

Alarm, horror and recrimination followed the finding, released last year, that cannabis use among pregnant women had doubled since 2002.

A whopping five percent of pregnant women reported using marijuana during their pregnancies, according to a report published in JAMA — and of 12,000 women surveyed, 3,500 used cannabis during the first trimester.

Considering that there are 6.2 million pregnancies in America a year, a few thousand weed users doesn’t exactly qualify as a public-health crisis — especially when you consider that 10 percent of pregnant women report smoking cigarettes during pregnancy — although the reaction from the medical community was a swift and unequivocal “don’t do it.”

Unlike prenatal tobacco use, which we know is bad, it bears mentioning that nobody is sure exactly what motherly marijuana use

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