Medicinal cannabis supplies may run out after police poison crops

Those who use medicinal cannabis illegally are concerned that their supplies are running out. 

Radio New Zealand reports that 1200 cannabis plants in Northland were poisoned last month in an aerial cull that has been blamed on police. 

Police have refused to comment on their involvement in the drops, but local growers say that they will continue as long as the drug remains a black market activity.

The crops would have gone towards people who can’t afford the high prices to obtain cannabis oil legally. 

Talkback callers told Andrew Dickens that cannabis has helped them or friends of theirs as they deal with pain. 

Caller Gee says that a friend of his uses the cannabis oil to help tend with seizures as he battled cancer.

He says that he has seen a shortage over the last two weeks, and that it has become more difficult to obtain it. Gee says that they will have to go

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