4 Ways That Medical Cannabis Can Ease Chronic Pain

For chronic pain patients, medical cannabis is often touted as a safer alternative to prescription pain medications. It’s also more effective for long-term use than many over-the-counter remedies. These are four ways that medical cannabis can help to improve overall quality of life for people who experience chronic pain, whether due to bodily injury, disease or illness, or other conditions. 

1) Treating Muscle Pain 


Myofascial, or muscular pain, is one of the most common forms of chronic pain. Medical cannabis patients often use the plant for relief of persistent, intense muscle pain.  

Their use is evidence-based: A study in The Journal of Pain and Symptom Management indicated that 94% of patients with HIV experienced significant muscle pain relief. Similarly, research in Pain showed that medical cannabis was effective in treating muscle pain among chronic non-cancer pain patients. 

2) Easing Neuropathic Pain 


Neuropathic pain, or nerve pain, affects 1-2% of the

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