Wild, Wild Weed: Genetics, Business and Politics Changing Cannabis – KMSP



– For thousands of years humans have cultivated a species of plant known as Cannabis Sativa.  In the 21st Century, it may be the plant’s turn to change us. 

What began as an ancient crop is now having its cultural moment in America.  In Minnesota, there is the lingering possibility of legalization for recreational use.  

“For more than 10,000 years we’ve been shaping it,” said George Weiblen, a University of Minnesota Plant Biologist.  

For more than a decade, Weiblen’s lab has been mapping the cannabis genome, by cross breeding two cousins:  marijuana and hemp.  

The research has led to the discovery of a single gene, responsible for producing two of Cannabis Sativa’s signature chemicals:  THC and CBD.  


“They’re like sister molecules,”

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