Viridium Completes Acquisition of EFX Laboratories

Management and Board of Directors

Viridium’s board of directors is now comprised of five existing Viridium directors (Jay Garnett, Harry McWatters, Sean MacNeil, Benjamin Eastwood and Dan Echino) and two former EFX directors (Michael Kohut and Michael Black). In order to accommodate the new board members, Viridium wishes to thank Jarrett Malnarick and Gary Purewal, who have stepped down and resigned as directors, for their valuable contributions to Viridium’s board. Viridium’s management team is unchanged, being comprised of Jay Garnett (President and Chief Executive Officer) and Jarrett Malnarick (Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer).

Strategic Rationale

Viridium believes that the Amalgamation is consistent with Viridium’s stated goal of producing a strong portfolio of cannabis brands and products for the Canadian medical, wellness, and export markets and that the financial and strategic benefits of the Amalgamation are uniquely compelling to its shareholders. Viridium anticipates that the Amalgamation will position it for a strong

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