Marijuana Lollipop May Have Triggered Man’s Heart Attack

A marijuana lollipop with a very high dose of the drug’s active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) may have triggered a man’s heart attack, according to a new report of the man’s case.

The 70-year-old man decided to try edible marijuana to see if it would reduce the pain from his osteoarthritis and help him sleep. The man had smoked some marijuana in his youth, but had never tried an edible product, according to the report, which was published today (Feb. 11) in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology.

One night, the man consumed nearly an entire marijuana lollipop, which contained a staggering 90 milligrams of THC, more than 12 times the dose in a typical joint.

Within a half hour, the man experienced “fearful hallucinations,” followed by “crushing chest pain,” the report said.

The man was taken to the hospital, where doctors determined that he had had a heart attack. The patient

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