OLCC study shows an oversupply of cannabis in Oregon

EUGENE, Ore. — A study recently released by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission said there’s an oversupply of legal marijuana that has about 6 years worth.

According to the study, the oversupply of cannabis has driven down prices.

“Our buyers are seeing the price of a pound drop dramatically over the year. Let’s see, we see the 5…the shelf 5 dollar grams expanding dramatically over the last year,” said Gavin Rose, an employee at the Terpene Station dispensary in Eugene.

The study suggests four ways lawmakers could handle the oversupply including not doing anything and letting the process lead to an equal balance of supply and demand.

This study comes as the Oregon Secretary of State’s office released an audit calling for the marijuana regulating system to be strenghtened.

“I think until the rests of the states get on board…you’re always going to see some diversion,” Rose said.

The audit

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