Acting AG Matthew Whitaker Blames the UN for the Lack of Cannabis Research in America

Cannabis is one of the most difficult drugs to study in the US. And while cannabis advocates usually blame the US federal government for putting up roadblocks in the way of researchers, acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker says the real bad guys are over at the UN.

For over 50 years, researchers hoping to study marijuana have had to source cannabis from a single authorized facility run by the University of Mississippi. That arrangement has kept the amount of cannabis available for research frustratingly low for both lawmakers and scholars. And while the DEA pledged to approve more federally funded cultivators of research-grade marijuana back in 2016, they’ve yet to follow through on that promise.

But you can’t fault the feds for that, according to Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, who blames the lack of progress on the UN’s international cannabis treaties. That claim surfaced last week when Congressman Joe Neguse

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