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One of the most important jobs in the emerging medical ganja industry is that of processing manager – the person who supervises the intricate task of extracting the ganja oil from the plant. A mix of science and art, the process includes using one of several extraction methods to lift the chemical compounds from the marijuana plant and transform it to a gooey mixture, where it is then used in various forms for direct consumption or to supplement food and beauty products. The concentrated oil is rich in cannabinoids, and its most popular end product is CBD oil, which is used to treat a host of ailments.

Rajiv Thompson is the extraction technician at Kingston’s first medical herb house, Epican, and he gave Weed Ed some insight into his job.

Weed Ed: What’s your number-one priority during the extraction process?

Rajiv Thompson: Number-one priority is ensuring safe and thorough extraction of the plant

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