The 6 Best CBD Seltzer Waters To Save You During Dry January

From the Colorado makers of award-winning cocktail bitters, comes a foray into CBD with its just-launched Dose line of sparkling waters and drops.Courtesy: Dram Dose

Adding to the pressure sticking to those lofty resolutions to start the new year off strong, what is widely known as “Dry January” is now encouraging you to take an entire month off from drinking.

The pledge started in the UK and is gaining steam stateside at a critical time where the negative health effects of alcohol consumption are finally coming to light. A study published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet titled “”No level of alcohol consumption improves health” caused a media firestorm of concern in 2017 and researchers from University College London recently found that giving up alcohol for just one month can improve liver function, decrease blood pressure and reduce your risk

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